Tribulus Pro Review

If the question “How to train a lagging muscle group” arises, then one can say unequivocally: the athlete has clearly noticed some discrepancy of his muscle groups.
In this case, first you need to identify those muscle groups that are clearly inferior to other muscles in volume, strength or endurance. After, go to the selection of exercises for the appropriate muscles. It is noteworthy that to increase the volume of the selected muscles or their strength, it is necessary to use basic exercises, to develop endurance or increase the relief of the body-insulating ones.

The working weight is 70 – 75% of 1PM (one repetition with the maximum weight). Total training time averaged 1 hour.
This program goes shoulder to shoulder with the program on force, as they have much in common. Most do not share these programs at all – they choose the average. Because of this, both the weight of the body and its strength are simultaneously developing.
The training program is for strength. It is more characteristic of the mesomorphic type due to its already relatively developed musculature and a moderate amount of fatty layer. Having chosen a similar program, the athlete can swing his own body to impressive volumes and significantly increase his results. You can focus only on strength or weight and strength. For this program are typical: 6 – 10 reps in each set, 2 – 3 sets for one exercise, 3 minutes rest between sets and 4 between exercises. The working weight is 80 – 85% of 1PM. The total training time is an average of 1.5 hours.

How to make drop sets. Simply put – first you perform the maximum number of approaches with working weight, and after there is no strength to raise the “iron” – reduce its weight and continue to work to the maximum. And so several times.
There are also many varieties of drop sets: triple, quadruple, progressive, reverse, drop-superset. The first two means that the weight is dropped three or four times in a row. Reverse – increase in weight by increasing, but with decreasing repetitions. Progressive includes a warm-up set, a regular worker, and after a triple and quadruple drop-set. Drop-superset is a quad, but each individual set is a superset, that is, it includes 2 exercises.

Push-ups from the floor with the palm rest. The exercise fully simulates the bench press. The height of the supports can be adjusted independently. Exercise gives the opportunity to increase the force at the moment of pushing the bar up. It is recommended to do from 6 to 10 repetitions.
The third way how to increase the bench press. Pause right during repetition. It should be 3 – 5 seconds. Naturally, the weight for such an exercise should be below the maximum by 20-30 percent. With this method, the explosive power of muscles, as well as their strengths, develop very well.
Periodically move away from the bench press. If you are engaged constantly, then several months of the year you need to replace the bench with other exercises on the same muscle group. This is done in order to prevent the muscles from getting used to the same load. By the way, this method can be used in all cases when there is a problem in overcoming the weight barrier.