The Symptoms Of Bigorexia (Muscle Dysmorphia)

The stretching of the muscles is usually due to the fact that a person makes a sharp move with not warmed muscles. For example, you went to the gym, muscle dysmorphia did not make a warm-up and immediately took on the working weight. Or even if you do bigorexia warm-up approaches without warm-up, you still have a risk of injury!
Stretching the legs
I had a case, I did a warm-up of the hands, and legs and body, you can say that I did not mow, I started crouching with the barbell, and it hit me under the shoulder blade!
Stretching muscles can occur and not in the gym, too, I will set an example from my life. He walked along the street in sneakers, especially did not look under his feet, he was holding a mobile phone in his hands and went into the Internet. And I did not notice how I stepped on the edge of the pit on the asphalt, my leg turned up. Because of what I got a sprain in the lower joint in my leg, near the heel. Also my sneakers were badly laced and my foot was not fixed in the shoes.
Because of what I had a week at home muscle dysmorphia, lay and smear my leg with ointment, and rewind with a stretch bandage.

Bodybuilding harm to health

Having dealt with the bigorexia fact that bodybuilding and health are useful, now it is worth to find out what are the negative aspects. In fact, there are no significant shortcomings. But if you start taking steroids everything can change for the worse. Most complications affect the heart. Often sportsmen have problems with hormonal background and sexual function.
There are people who believe that they will only have one course, and they will not do it again. In this case, it is worth understanding that the body will not be the same. Plus, after one course, which is not compiled correctly, a serious rollback will begin. This means that the result obtained after the course will come to naught.
Many girls are engaged in bodybuilding. They have everything as well as men. Representatives of the fair sex also should not take anabola, because muscle dysmorphia nothing good it will not end. Serious health problems can begin, it will be extremely difficult to get rid of them, virilization may appear.

Positive sides:

When you drink beer, digestion improves
Better grow hair
The level of cholesterol is significantly reduced
So, as in beer there bigorexia is vitamin pyridoxine, thanks to it the risk of infarction decreases
You can quench your thirst, because 92% of beer is water
A person becomes calmer when he drinks beer and still normalizes blood pressure.