The Best Male Physiques From 2015

As already mentioned, the muscles disappear for several reasons and they are all different from each other, for them there is no general solution. It is necessary to solve everything gradually.
The muscles disappear also because they are not trained. If you do not practice for a long time, whatever training the athlete has had, there will still come dream bodies best physiques a time when the muscles begin to decrease in size and weight. This is due to the fact that the body has completely recovered from the stresses that he regularly received during training, is used to rest and no longer needs such a volume of muscle fibers. In order to save own resources, the body regulates for itself the optimal mass ratio (for its supply with nutrients, oxygen with blood). He no longer needs strong and hardy muscles.

Supercompensation is a small plus that the body takes in case of repeated stress.

The efficiency of recovery is affected by three factors:

Training: you need to constantly progress the load for the growth of muscle mass.
Food: you need to eat and eat the dream bodies right food (carbohydrates and proteins).
Sleep: sleep at maximum, in a state best physiques of sleep, recovery processes are more effective, not for nothing that children are forced to sleep a lot – they grow after all.


Have you ever seen a documentary about astronauts who return from space, they ate moving on the ground, there is no gravity in the spacecraft. The astronauts do not go there, but they do not know whether they are moving properly in the ship, there is very little space in the vehicle, they hardly move. They have simulators on which they train so that the muscles do not completely atrophy.
The second example. Someone best physiques from you broke a hand or a leg, remember you put a plaster, for 1 month you did not move the limb, when in a month you took a plaster, your muscles were so atrophied that you could not bend your arm or leg. Here is an example of muscle atrophy, but after 2 – 3 months your arm or leg recovered and you could walk, run, or dream bodies do it with your hand.