Testosterone Injections For Bodybuilding

If you do not need to consider how much you testosterone injections ate proteins, fats and carbohydrates, but only calories. That can be much easier to calculate. 100 grams of wheat bread contains 266 kilocalories. 266 kilocalories divided by 100 grams we get how many calories are contained in 1 gram of bread 2.66 kilocalories and multiply by 20 grams of eaten bread we get 53.2 kilocalories.
Similarly, consider other products, and muscle add to each other and get the amount of calories eaten.
And you can even more easily do it with the help of a calorie calculation program – download a calorie count, on the Internet there are sites on which there is a calorie counting program, all you need is to enter the current product name and its weight and click on the result button and the program will calculate everything for you. Minus this program, some products may not be in the database, and in manual you can always count yourself.

1 gram of protein contains 4 kilocalories
1 gram of carbohydrates, too, 4 kilocalories
1 gram of fat contains as much as 9 muscle kilocalories

Example: You ate 20 grams of wheat bread, 200 grams of buckwheat, 50 grams of pork meat, 1 egg (1 egg weighs about 50 grams), 50 grams of tomatoes testosterone injections and 50 grams of cucumbers.
After seeing you will see that 100 grams of wheat bread contains 7.7 grams of protein, 2.4 grams of fat and 53.4 grams of carbohydrates. And now a little bit of math.

The first signs of muscle rupture:

During the exercise, you feel a sharp pain in the muscle and can even crack or crunch, after which this area begins to blush, and then turn blue (when the muscle ruptures, the blood begins to flow under the skin), then a huge bruise appears on this part of the body. There may muscle be muscle or ligament tears, or maybe a complete rupture, then you can immediately see that there is a deformation of the muscle in this area. If a rupture of the pectoral muscle appears a fossa on the chest. At once go to the doctor not to testosterone injections wait and think that everything will pass by itself, this is the mistake of many people, sometimes they perform an operation and stitch the muscle, if a lot of time passes (a month or more) after a muscle break, then there is nothing to sew, time is lost, and your limb of the body Will never be the same as before.
And the last to remember the injury can get any beginner and even a professional, no one is immune from it, in order to avoid it, listen to my advice. After all, health is still the most important thing!