Best Cutting Strategies For Bodybuilding

Fats are the most nutritious food fat burning, 1 gram of fat contains 9 kilocalories, but many fats can not be consumed, they slow down the digestive processes in our body, are deposited in our body, make a load on the liver and other organs. If a person has obesity, he may cutting strategies have health problems (heart and other organs, increased blood pressure).


But fats still need to be consumed (in small amounts) as they take part in different processes of our body, so that fat-soluble vitamins are assimilated: A, D, E, K need fat, they will not be assimilated otherwise in the body! Also, to create testosterone (the male sex hormone) in the body, fat is also needed. After all, testosterone takes part in the growth of our muscles.

To achieve good results, many people use drugs to gain muscle mass. You can do without them! But you have to spend much longer time and effort bodybuilder cutting. And fat burning almost all beginners want to get results very quickly. Even with drugs, you do not get immediate results, but 2-3 or 5 times faster can achieve your goal.

Any sit-ups are exercises of complex influence because in any squats the THREE joints (the hip, knee, and ankle joint) works, and as a result, there are a lot of muscles that move the bones relative to all these joints.

The main muscles that are involved in the exercise are:

  • QUADRICEPS – the thigh extensor muscles (those that are on the legs in front)
  • Yagodichnye – muscles that are needed for both men and women.
  • BENDERS BENDERS – muscles of hip flexors (they work weakly, frankly speaking)

In general, if I am asked why this exercise is most often used in bodybuilding, then I will answer that for training the front surface of the thigh (quadriceps). This is why women perform this exercise less often than men. After all, women are more important than the buttocks, and for men, quadriceps.

Technique of Performing Gak Squats.

The technique of performing the movement is simpler than in traditional squats with a bar because you do not need to control the slope and stabilization of the hull. Lay down in the “box” of the simulator so that the back along its entire length is evenly touching it. Particularly careful to insure that your back and buttocks were pressed to the simulator. Otherwise, there may be a trauma.

Carry the legs forward so that in the bottom position your knees do not come out on the socks. To do this, you have to move your feet forward. To catch the right position, experiment without weight until you get the right vector of movement and setting the legs.

DOWN slowly and take a slow breath as you approach the ground. I advise lowering the pelvis below the knee level because it increases the amplitude and load on the quadriceps, on the one hand. And the legs withdrawn forward do not give much joystick in the bottom position, on the other hand. We make a micro pause.

RISE with simultaneous powerful exhalation of air from the lungs. On the rise completely (do not unbend the legs completely at the knee joint) in order to keep the tension in the working quadriceps constantly. At the top, pause for a couple of seconds and further strain your muscles with a mental effort. I like to put my hands on working quadriceps in order to feel how they work at the top.

The Position of the Feet on the Platform

  • I position the stop on the platform, you can shift the emphasis to training different parts of your legs.
  • The wider the foot, the more the adductor muscles of the hip and glutes
  • Than ALREADY stops, the more isolated the work of the front and outer surface of the thigh.
  • The longer the foot, the less gluteal and the more isolated the quadriceps

The closer the foot, the more gluteal. But, you need to understand that if you place your feet too close, this creates a risk for the knee joints, on the one hand, and very strongly stretches the quadriceps, on the other hand.

How Many Approaches and Repetitions

The number of approaches and repetitions depends on your training task and your training. If you are just starting your workouts, then you need to do less approaches and more repetitions.

bodybuilder cutting

And if you are already an experienced athlete, then you can do more approaches with less weight. Here are the traditional recommendations for bodybuilding:


The figures are very conditional. I give them only for some sort of starting point.

You need your cutting strategies body to saturate bodybuilder cutting with carbohydrates so that it does not need calorie deficit, except for this, do not forget about the protein that is needed for muscle growth, as a protein I recommend you use: cottage cheese, fish, chicken, eggs and other foods rich in protein.
Some greatly overestimate the role of protein and do not pay attention to carbohydrates, take 2 grams of protein per 1 kg of your weight, no longer needed!
Proper training, with the correct word, I understand what you need to do, so training, so that you swing 2 or 3 times a maximum a week, no longer fat burning necessary, the training should last 45-60 minutes. Include basic exercises, forget about isolation exercises, you do not need them now.
Rest in bodybuilding – also plays a very important role, because muscle growth is not in the hall! And at home when you cutting strategies rest and do nothing, just eat and rest, sleep. So do not rest you will not gain weight!