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Sunflower seeds

sunflower seeds
Sunflower seeds anavar cycle are rich in fats and proteins. In 100 grams there are 20 grams of protein and 50 grams of fat, they are rich in vitamin E and D, folic anavar results acid and vitamin B6. Seeds contain many essential amino acids, many unsaturated fatty acids (linoleic, palmetinic, oleic, stearic, arachidonic and others).

Sunflower seeds contain vitamins:

beta-carotene 0.001 mg, B1 1.84, B2 0.18 mg, B3 10 mg, E, D. Macro and microelements anavar for women weight loss contained in sunflower seeds: Potassium (K) 647 mg, sodium (Na) 160 mg, Calcium (Ca) 367 mg, Iron (Fe) 61 mg, Magnesium (Mg) 317 mg, Phosphorus (P) 530 mg, Zinc (Zn).
Also they have Magnesium (Mg), which is needed by the “growing” muscles, the use of seeds contributes to the improvement of appetite, they are also an excellent antidepressant. In the process of frying, a lot of useful substances disappear in the seeds.


Muscular atlas

Exercise refers to an isolated class and has as its goal the elaboration of the muscles of the press.

The muscular ensemble includes the following units:

  • Targeting – slanting belly;
  • synergists – medium / small gluteal, thigh adductors, thigh wide fascia stretcher, large lumbar muscle, square lumbar muscle, ilio-rib muscle;
  • stabilizers – large pectoral (sternal head), small thoracic, extensors of the spine, trapezium (bottom / middle), rhomboid, latitudinal, large round, deltas (posterior), triceps (long head), rectus abdominis.


Carrying out the lumberjack exercise, you have the right to expect the following advantages:

  1. the development of the strength of the muscles of the whole press, especially the skew;
  2. development of muscle cortex;
  3. increase in explosive force;
  4. formation of the cubes of the press;
  5. forming a narrower waist;
  6. strengthening the muscles of the back;
  7. decrease in body weight (under certain conditions);
  8. improved balance and posture;
  9. increase the productivity of movements in sports – golf, tennis.
  10. Technique of execution

Exercise of woodcutter refers to the exercises of the initial level of complexity. The step-by-step execution technique is as follows:

Step # 0.

Go to the crossover / upper unit and install a single ribbon handle. Stand at the side of the block and take the handle with two arms extended (up and diagonally), unfolding the body to the left. Legs are placed on the width of the shoulders, knees slightly bend, press statically strained. This is your starting position.

Step # 1.

Inhale and exhale in one motion, pull the handle down diagonally and across your body to the opposite leg, rotating the trunk. Keep hands and back straight, bring the handle to the bottom, when the hands become straight. After reaching the end point of the trajectory, slowly anavar for women weight loss and controlledly return to the IP. Do the specified number of times for one side, then change the position and do the same for the other.

Secrets and subtleties

To get the most out of the exercise, follow these guidelines:

  • at runtime, keep your back flat (do not let it “walk” back and forth), and your arms are straight;
  • The legs should be at the width of the shoulders or slightly wider, knees slightly bend;
  • Use the full range of motion (from the top corner to the bottom on the diagonal);
  • after moving down, slowly and controlledly return to the starting position;
  • try to rotate your torso on the most immobile feet;
  • make sure that the performance of the exercise reminds you of the movements of the woodcutter;
  • at the end point of the trajectory (for each side), in addition, squint the oblique abdominal muscles;
  • use different variations of the exercise;
  • breathing technique: exhalation – when turning the body to the side / down, inhale – when returning to the IP / up;
  • numerical parameters of the training: the number of approaches 3, the number of repetitions – 20 (per side).

Exercise a woodcutter is effective for oblique abdominal muscles?

The results of a study published in J Sports Med (USA, June 2016) on the electrical activity of muscles, suggest that the driller exercise greatly contributed to improving the results of profile athletes – golfers, tennis players. Carrying it out, they improved their game quality indicators: tennis players began to perform a sharper impact, golfers – more distant.

anavar for women weight loss

Regarding the effectiveness of the exercise in terms of working on oblique muscles, the woodcutter has one of the highest ratings 8.2 out of 9 among its entire audience, which is the best confirmation of its “workability”.


The mussels contain enough Iron (Fe), Selenium (Se) and vitamin B12, they have Omega-3 fatty acids (useful). In mussels, a lot of vitamin E, they can say a natural antioxidant. If you regularly use the color of your face will become a blush, your skin becomes softer and more anavar results beautiful. They also contain vitamins B1, B2, B6, PP. The elements in them are Sodium (Na), Potassium (K), Calcium (Ca), Magnesium (Mg), Iodine (I), Boron (B), Cobalt (Co), Manganese (Mn). Especially a lot of them Cobalt (Co).
Mussels are sold fresh or frozen, for full preparation you need to boil them for 5-10 anavar cycle minutes.

Sea kale

Sea kale
Sea kale (seaweed Laminaria) contains a lot of vitamins:
A, C, D, B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, E, R, PP, micro and macro elements:
Potassium (K) 970 mg, Sodium (Na), Calcium (Ca) 40 mg, Magnesium (Mg) 170 mg, Chlorine (Cl), Sulfur (S), Silicon (Si), especially there are many Yoda (I). According to the content of Yoda, it ranks first among seafood.

In some large cities, people have Yoda deficiency (I), sea kale is good for replenishing its reserves in the body. If a person has a deficiency of Yoda, he has problems anavar results with the thyroid gland and can develop endemic goiter. Using sea cabbage you have increased immunity, digestion and metabolic processes in the body, it has a good effect on the central nervous system, toxins and radionuclides are also eliminated from the body. In sea cabbage contains alginic acid, an active natural enterosorbent.

Due to this, it removes cholesterol, toxins, various bacteria and radionuclides from the body. Also, sea kale helps in the treatment of male and female genital diseases and inflammations. According to the content of vitamin C, it does not give lemons and oranges. Its protein is very good, it contains many different anavar cycle amino acids. You can buy it in stores, sell it for weight or packed in jars, and also sell different salads from sea kale.