Roid X Juice Review

Each manufacturer always tries to improve its product, adding to the composition of new and more effective components. In the stores you can find tablets with both chemical and natural ingredients, their action is almost identical, both fight with the fat layer, but all under the condition of physical exertion. Weight loss fat burners are passive, they create all the conditions to quickly get rid of excess weight during training.

The second type of active drugs, which include substances xjuice that quickly utilize fat. The basic principle of the work of these and other additives is aimed at the acceleration of metabolism. They reduce appetite, minimize absorption of fats and carbohydrates, block synthesis in fatty tissues and remove excess water.

Sport supplements for burning fat are several types, for each person they need to be selected individually, often what helps one is ineffective for another. Having disassembled in preparations and their action, you can combine fat burners, they all combine well with each other, because each in its own way acts on the body, and they do not have points of contact. To choose the right fat burners for weight loss you need to understand the types and their effects.

Pelvic lift in the Smith simulator

This is a very popular exercise for the gluteal muscles, you can perform it in both Smith and simply with a barbell and pancakes, but it is easier for a beginner to do exactly the option with the Smith simulator.

Technique of the exercise:

Lay your back on the bench and put the bar on your hips. It is desirable to put the feet on a platform 15-20 centimeters high. Slowly lower the pelvis down and on exhalation lift it up.

Helpful Hints:

Performing a pelvic lift without weight or with a light weight does not give a good effect, so for a good result do it with a heavy barbell, of course, if you allow physical training.

When lifting a pelvis, the bar of the bar can be very hard and cause discomfort, but you can solve this problem by using a conventional squatting roller, putting it on the bar of the rod in advance.


  • For beginners: 3 sets of 15 repetitions.
  • Experienced: 3-4 sets of 10-12 repetitions, up to the achievement of muscle failure.
  • Retracting the leg back into the crossover

Retracting the leg back is an isolated exercise that is performed standing on all fours. In this exercise, the maximum load is the buttocks and the hamstrings. We recommend that you do it to girls on the day of training your legs and buttocks.

Technique of the exercise:

Secure one leg in the lower block and take the position in rest on the knees and hands. The back is flat, looking down. The working leg is displayed as far as possible, the knee is slightly bent. The hull is motionless. Exhale when the leg is at the top.

Advice from Mary:

Pull up your leg due to the gluteal muscles, i.e. tensely guide her back. If you feel that you do not have tension or the load goes to the front or back of the thigh, then you need to correct the position of the body in such a way that the maximal load gets to the gluteus muscles. You always achieve this if you constantly “listen”, feel your body.

  1. Accomplishment: 3-4 sets of 15 repetitions.
  2. Sumo craving

Thick in the style of sumo – a wonderful exercise for training a large number of muscles. In this exercise, the gluteal muscles get a good load, so we recommend it to all girls who wish to have a beautiful ass.

Technique of the exercise:

Approach the neck and put the feet much wider than the shoulders, unfold the socks outwards and spread the knees to the sides. On exhalation, pull the bar upwards, slowly return to the starting position on inhalation.

Advice from Mary:

  • Try to perform traction only at the expense of the gluteal muscles, shifting the center of gravity back.
  • Execution: 3-4 sets of 8-12 repetitions.
  • Squats with a step to the side

The starting position is legs together. We take a step to the side and drop into the squat. We return to the starting position and repeat the exercise with a step in the opposite direction.


Observe all the rules of the squatting technique. Do not bother with one hip – they took a step and sat down steadily. Crouch down to the parallel with the floor. Knees inside do not fill up – when squatting we press them out. We keep the back straight. Slightly tilt the body forward, but do not bend the spine. The waist is tense. Hands are taken out in front of us to create a natural balance.

Perform 20 repetitions in each direction.

The phenomenon of recoil

Another important point about which you should know, after the end of taking steroids, there is always a rollback. At you the part of the typed mass will be xjuice lost, and if absolutely zero in this business that can lose all. To minimize losses, you need to do a pkt after the course ends.

Side effects

Yes, unfortunately, steroids have side effects, they each have different, some cause a water retention in the body and pressure rises, others can trigger acne and, gynecomastia, some baldness, or intense hair growth, women have a coarsening voice, an increase in the clitoris.
As a rule, if the recommended dosages are observed, side effects are not observed, only in some cases, everything depends on the human body.

Use protein 20-30 grams.

Remember, your body can only absorb 20-30 grams of protein for 1 meal, it can not anymore!
There are cases that learns 40, but it depends on your weight, if you weigh 100 kg or more, if you have been training for many years, then the body is used to large portions of protein, besides, athletes need it more than ordinary people.
If you eat more, everything else goes to the toilet, you just throw money away, the body needs 1.5-2 hours to digest protein. On meat protein longer than 5 hours.