Crazy Bulk Review

I myself spent a lot of time and did not achieve any result, because I also did not know how to deal properly, but I thought that I was doing everything right. And then when I read a bunch of books, information on the Internet, I understood what’s what and how.

At me all has begun it will turn out, I have typed or collected 10 kg of weight for 6 months and it was very happy with it as at me bad bodybuilding genetics, type of a constitution – EKTOMORF.
The second you need to first work out at least 1 month at home! Prepare crazy bulk before and after your body for physical exertion. Your muscles, ligaments, tendon, heart are not yet ready for heavy loads (pulling barbells, dumbbells). You are not used to it yet and if you start to hurt them right away, after the first workout, you need to have a good rest, all muscles will be aching and you will not be able to practice for a week.

A state of mind – you must be cheerful, forget about all your problems, no depression should be! From depression (stress), the person on the contrary loses weight, but does not gain it!
In addition to muscle growth, you will also gain fat in order to gain muscle power, this is very hard! You can always lose fat, if you are very thin then a little fat you will not interfere with the beginning, he is the reserve of energy is exactly what you need to start.

How to Pump Thoracic Muscles Pushups.

Movement is most often used to train one of two muscle groups:


Depending on what you want to practice, you need to use the appropriate modification of the push-ups. I do not want to say that you have only two choices (chest or triceps). Not at all. In the initial stages of push-ups do without distributing attention between the groups. Those. do something averaged, in which both triceps and pectorals work equally. However, now I will talk about variants with accents because having mastered the complex it is easier to understand the simple. So, today the recommendations for push-ups on the bars for pectoral muscles.

Depending on the THREE things, push-ups can be aimed at triceps or pectorals.

In order for most of the load to be performed by the pectoral muscles, we need:

TILT FORWARD. The more the body tilts forward – the more pectoral muscles work. The closer the body to the vertical position – the more triceps work. Therefore, if you are training the pectoral muscles, then look at the floor, and if the triceps then look at the ceiling – it will automatically tilt your body in the optimal position.

crazy bulk before and after

LOWER PART OF THE AMPLITUDE. To train the pectoral muscles, it is necessary to go very low and not to go very high. At the upper point, you need to stop before the arm is unbent at the elbow joint. This must be done to ensure that the load from the breast does not go to the triceps. For the triceps, the upper (extensor at the elbow) part of the amplitude is important. And for the pectoral, the lower (stretching) part of the aplitude.

WIDE TITLE. In any press, the wider the grip, the more involved the pectoral. The narrower the grip, the more stress the triceps takes. In some halls and on some sports grounds there are tapering bars on which there is a large distance between the rails at one end, and on the other edge such a distance decreases. Accordingly, to train the pectoral muscles, you need to choose the place where the distance between the bars is larger.

How to increase the number of push-ups on the uneven bars?

Before engaging in such increases, consider whether you need it. The fact is that for the development of muscles (their size) you do not need to do a large number of repetitions. You need to do a large amount of work (approaches) with a moderately high load. Moreover, the variant of push-ups that best develops the pectoral muscles, is poorly suited for setting records because of the complexity of its performance. With the vertical position of the body, you can always wring more times than with the horizontal.

The best ways to increase the number of push-ups on the uneven bars at a time are the following (in decreasing order):


For this method you need bars in the place where you are all day. You will need to approach the bars every 1-2 hours and do a small number of repetitions without refusal (I did 5-10 then when I could make 30-40). This technology increases the number of mitochondria in your muscles and thereby greatly boosts your strength endurance. In my opinion, this is the most inconvenient, but the most effective way to increase the number of repetitions.

Have you seen how professional bodybuilders look at the off-season? Look at the photos of Lee Priest and Jay Cutler.

Bodybuilders in the off-season

They are all fattened, eat a lot of gaining weight, and crazy bulk before and after before the competition begin to intensively train all the fat is burned and gain muscle mass. It is during rest that the muscles grow, and not during training as some think.

After this, you have a muscle ache and you can not do the exercises anymore. In such cases, you need to take a break training and wait for the pain to pass, buy a special ointment (from stretching) and smear the body area. If the pain is very severe and it does not go best to go to the doctor and check what’s wrong with you, since you could get some sort of injury during training.

Begin your workouts smoothly and gradually increase the load in this way, you will avoid pain in muscles after training, and when the body gets used 1 – 2 weeks you can begin to increase the load and you will not be so scared. The body will have time to get used to training with weights, and the pain will not be so strong.
Ideal option will be to study at home for 1 month on horizontal bars, squaring bars from the floor and then you can go to the hall.