DecaDuro Review

Should I take the chemistry?

This is everyone’s business, I will not praise chemists or criticize straight people, straight people can praise that they have the patience to pour in the usual way without additives, yes it’s very hard and long, you need to have a lot of patience and see your goal. Bodybuilding chemistry is now popular it can be found almost at every step and in online stores and in gyms, trainers instructors sell from under the counter deca duro, it can not be bought at a pharmacy or an ordinary sports store.

Such drugs are sold only on prescription, those who are already taking too long and taking anabolics are not the first time switching to stronger drugs: sustanone, testosterone, and others, because their body is used to methane and they no longer receive a normal increase in mass and strength . At the expense of health, you need to be prepared for everything, taking anabolics deca durabolin dosage is always a risk to spoil your health if you do not accept them correctly! Therefore, before taking it is necessary to study this preparation well, to know how to take and how much time, how many to take a break between taking (course).

If you want to become really big and inflated, you have to consume a huge amount of calories. (Protein + carbohydrates)

But here there are pitfalls, as you would not try, by increasing the amount of calories consumed, in addition to muscles, you will begin to gain more fat. 35% will be a set of muscles, and 50% fat. And 15% is a liquid, therefore, a rather small percentage of muscle mass will remain inside the cell. Do not be afraid of this natural phenomenon. Accelerated muscle growth is only 20-25% of the increase in protein synthesis. Among the factors responsible for muscle growth, protein breakdown (catabolism) seems to be the most important to avoid, but due to constant overeating, there is an increase in muscle proteolysis.

In addition, the fat that accumulates in the muscles can seriously disrupt the balance of the hormones responsible for the breakdown of the protein. For example, insulin, which is part of the body’s anti-catabolism responsible for suppressing a constant overeating.

There is an opinion that the forearm is a very hardy muscle, which works very hard during the day, so it is difficult to train. Personally, I do not agree with this, because the load during the day is very low-intensity (well, there in the nose picking, on the keys of the computer to beat, etc.), so the cheapest methods of power supply and slow muscle fibers are involved. When we train forearms with a barbell and dumbbells, then we mainly have fast muscle fibers. From this point of view, I do not see any special preconditions for “unusual training” of the forearm. Need a conventional power LOAD with a barbell and dumbbells.

PREDEPLYA LESS THAN SIZE than most other muscles, so they can recover a little faster than other muscles. This is a theory. In practice, almost none of the professionals do not train the forearm more often than the rest of the muscles. Moreover, most professionals do not train them at all specifically, because they get enough power during the drafts and lifts to the biceps.

CONCLUSION: I NEED TO TRAIN WORK WITH SAME FREQUENCY AS OTHER MUSCLES. More rarely you can. It is often not desirable.

deca duro

This is my personal point of view, if that …

The number of repetitions should be slightly larger than in the remaining exercises. Why? Because forearms perform a short amplitude of motion. Compare the extension of the forearm against extension in the knee (squats with the bar) joint. What will take more time? I hope you remember from my lectures that the muscle does not care how many repetitions in the approach you are doing (it does not have brains to take this into account).

The muscle does not care how long the load lasts. For maximum hypertrophy, it should be within 15-30 seconds. That’s why in short-amplitude exercises on the forearm you need to do a little more repetitions for time compensation. Most often this is 10-20 REPETITIONS!

BEST EXERCISES for the development of forearms:

  1. LIFTING OF THE BRAKES BY THE BACKS WITH THE BACK (The shoulder-beam + extensors)
  2. FLEXIBILITY SHOULDER WITH STEADY sitting on the bench (radial and ulnar flexors)
  3. PROTECTION OF BRUSH with strap or one-sided dumbbell (both of the brushes)

OPTIONAL EXERCISES for the forearms (less effect):

  2. SUSPENSION OF BRUSH with strap or dumbbell
  4. Espanders and “hold” WEIGHT


  1. We train the forearm after the bicep (at the end of the workout)
  2. For the biceps, we necessarily have a “lift back” because this exercise actively affects both the biceps and the forearm
  3. After this, go to “flexion on the forearm” and pronation of the brush

It looks like this:

  2. FLEXIBILITY SHOULDER WITH SHEAR sitting on bench 3-4 X 10-20
  3. PURIFICATION OF BRUSH with strap deca duro or dumbbell 3-4 X 10-20

Note that the “clean” you do only two exercises on the forearm (flexion and penetration). This is very convenient, because it saves time.

In connection with these dreams and bodybuilding should alternate according to the rules. It should be remembered that after waking up, you need to provide your body with protein food as quickly as possible. In addition to a permanent protein balance deca durabolin injection price, any bodybuilder should remember about keeping amino acids at the proper level. After all, amino acids are the most important constituents of proteins.

Speaking about the topic of bodybuilding and sleep, one should always remember the correct diet, which should be at least 6 meals. In the afternoon with food, experienced bodybuilders deliver to their bodies the necessary products that help fight catabolic processes during sleep. You should know that the last meal should not contain carbohydrates because the insulin secreted by the body contributes to the fat layer. A reception of protein foods, on the contrary, will promote increased release of growth hormone. To win the strengthened catabolism in the morning will help reception in the night of a portion of amino acids and protein cocktail.