Capsiplex Sport Review

If there is no desire to engage capsiplex sport in the halls, then the ideal solution is training with the barbell of the house, it remains only to acquire it. At home, you can not only sweat, but normally so increase your dry weight and prodetalizirovat each of the above muscles. Training in the hall, of course, can not be compared with domestic – the first will still be more serious, and the arsenal of exercises performed will increase dramatically. In addition, there will be some kind of insurance if the weights are serious. Training with a barbell is very effective by its very nature, but you should not focus on this – there are other, equally useful exercises.

The same pumping of the press or exercises with dumbbells will be an additional stimulus for the growth of strength and weight. The bar initially has an advantage over other shells and simulators, for example, dumbbells and block simulator.

Among the many powerlifters, this opinion is widespread – anything that is more than 12 times is for drying. A large share of the truth in these words is present, if you press as they are 1 to 3 the maximum weight. But in this case, the small weight will be considered the one that will be 45 – 50% of the 1MP (maximum repetition), that is, from 100% of the weight that can be squeezed.

The technique of doing a spinning exercise

Lay down on the floor and put your bent legs on the hill in this way, then the gap between your loin and floor disappeared. If you put straight legs, then there will be an “arch” under your back that will create a harmful load on the spine and prevent the contraction of the muscles of the press.

Put your hands behind your head or put them on your chest. Raise your body from the floor in such a way that the loin remains pressed to the floor, and the blades come off (1-2 cm) from the floor. This is your starting position for doing the exercise.

We do an EXIST and simultaneously curl to the groin. It is very important that it is twisting and not lifting with a straight back. You want to gather in a ball, the center of which is your groin. With this approach, the press will contract and not the muscles of the legs and back.

Hold the peak cut at the top point (for a couple of seconds). Then slowly make the Breath with simultaneous lowering to the starting point. Do not lay your shoulder blades on the floor because that’s how you lose the load from the press.

These are the main points of the correct technique of performing lying twists. I’ll give a couple more important features:


The higher the hands behind the head, the harder it is to do the exercise because of the increased work. The lower (closer to the groin) hands, the easier it is to do the exercise. Adjust this point in order to progress the load. You can start from the position of “hands on your stomach”, after a couple of weeks, make “hands on your chest” and finish “hands behind your head.” To increase the load on the muscles of the press, it will be even more necessary to go to the reverse variants of twists.

CONSTANT VOLTAGE means that throughout the entire approach your press must be in constant tension. The burning sensation should be retained in all areas of the amplitude. This is especially important at the bottom point, because there is a temptation to put the body on the floor for rest. You can not do this because the meaning of the exercise is lost.


Since we are working in a very short range of motion, we need to compensate for this by a large number of repetitions. The fact is that the muscle does not care how many repetitions you do. For the muscle, the total time spent under the load and the work that the muscle has performed are important. That’s why you need to compensate for a large number of repetitions.

Exercises for the Press in the training complex

There are two strategies. You can do it at the beginning of the workout. And you can at the end. Usually, bodybuilders are not too much soaring with the development of the press because it is easy to pump. Most professional bodybuilders pump it only before the competition.

I prefer to do exercises to train the press at the beginning of my workout for the general warm-up of the muscles. The fact is that in the abdomen there are a lot of blood vessels and therefore it will be good if you disperse the blood from them all over the body before your basic workout. People usually spend at least 5 minutes per workout before training. So why not spend this time with greater benefit and in addition to warm-up, and do not load the press? This is exactly what I recommend. At the initial level, it is enough to make 4-6 twisting approaches lying:

Twisting lying 4-6 X before the failure

When I talk about failure, I mean LOVE at the end of the approach, which forces you to stop. After such a refusal you do not need to wait 1-2 minutes to recover. I usually rest not more than 30 seconds before the next approach. On all approaches, I take up to 5 minutes of training time.

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Having picked up the necessary “consistency” of weighting agents, you can proceed to classes. This is the most problematic part, the relief of which does not depend on how much the athlete makes approaches and repetitions and pays attention to him. Constantly engaged in the press, you can achieve a lot in the press exercises, but did not achieve the relief, the so-called “cubes”. The whole secret is nutrition. Picking up the right food and working out, the fat begins to descend, and from its thickness will begin to break through the “cubes”. But it is not enough simply to achieve this form, it must be constantly maintained. There are, by the way, a lot of exceptions, under which the press is drawn by itself t3 side effects bodybuilding. This, in all likelihood, is due to genetics.

Consume as much protein as capsiplex sport possible. It is proteins that are the main builders of muscle mass. If there is no possibility of getting them from food, then it is worth getting a protein. You can buy it completely at any store where sports nutrition is sold. If you always had problems with weight gain, then pay attention to the geener. It is a mixture of carbohydrates and proteins. Carbohydrates contribute to the rapid recovery of the body. Before you start, find out which dose will be optimal for you. The more a person weighs, the more sports nutrition he will need.

To you laziness. I advise you to take in your hands and run to the hall – this is not the reason! Include a motivating video, about bodybuilding, look 10-20 minutes and you will immediately have a desire to go to the hall to swing. Now you know whether you can skip training and when it’s worth it, and when you do not need to do it.