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When you think about how to get yourself into the gym, think about bodybuilders. These guys spend their entire lives in the gyms.
Motivation in bodybuilding is quite a complicated thing, because they are engaged in order to win the competition.

And if defeat? We must start all over again. And if again defeat?

They stink begin to train in a new way. Their motivation is simple: getting better every day. Only because of this, many athletes continue their careers. They can lose three competitions, but win the fourth and it will already be a success.
The main thing is never to give up, but to fight to the last, never to be lazy, and always to believe in yourself – all this is the motivation. If you just stick to these somatropinne reviews simple rules, you can easily make yourself play sports.

How often you need to practice in the hall.

Everything depends on the constitution of the body of the athlete – his body type. There are only three of them. Based on this, you can build your own training program, choose a cycle, keep a diary and stuff.

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For all types, there will also be a difference in the time spent in a single workout, and the number of classes per week. So, for an ectomorph it will be sufficient 3 – 4 sessions, a mesomorph – 4 – 5, an endomorph – 5 and more. All this is due to physiology, in details of which we will not go deeper.


What muscles work?

The main load falls on the muscles of the inner surface of the thigh (leading, tailor, medial wide, etc.), as well as nearby internal bundles of quadriceps (muscles of the front surface of the thigh). Also, the body actively includes other parts of the quadriceps, large and small gluteus muscles, muscles of the back and waist and deep muscles of the body. Since the muscles of the inner surface of the thigh are long and thin, it is very difficult to drive off excess fat from them. In addition, the appearance of these local deposits in women is hormone-related: from here the organism is easiest to take to develop female sex hormones (primarily progesterone). To get to the muscles and make them work hard for glory, the inner surface needs additional load both when stretching (during squats) and when cutting (during lifting). She is provided with dumbbells.

Basic Technology

Stand up straight and spread your legs to the width of your hips. Unfold the socks outward, the weight of the body should fall on the heels. Hand with dumbbells. Unroll your shoulders and bend forward in the waist area. Get down on inspiration, spreading your knees to the sides so that they move strictly above the toe. The feet should not come off the floor. Hand with dumbbells drop down, touching the inside of the thighs. The body tilting forward is not as strong as in the usual squats. When the bottom point is reached, a straight or blunt (but not sharp) angle should form in both knees. Rise in exhalation, pulling your stomach, hands still moving close to the hips. The recommended weight of dumbbells is from 2 kg.

Basic Errors

1. Sway, dropping his shoulders after the dumbbells. This relaxes the back muscles and can lead to a trauma to the waist. To avoid mistakes, look in front of you and watch for the waist to bend forward.

2. Push the knee beyond the toe line when squatting. An error can cause a meniscus injury. If you notice that the knee is moving forward, check your legs: they may be too narrow.

3. Tilt your knees inward while lifting. Subjectively, it seems easier to raise yourself, but for the knee joint this movement is extremely dangerous. Try to lift, on the contrary, to turn the knee outward: this vector of effort will help to avoid incorrect movement.

4. Leave hands with dumbbells forward, avoiding touching the inside of the thighs. This arrangement of the hands will make you hunched and round your lower back. To avoid mistakes, the hands should touch the stomach and legs.

Advice to beginners: first perform pli without burdens, paying attention to the technique. Take care that there are no errors – the information of the knees and the removal of hands from yourself. Learn to go down and stand up, almost without tilting the case. When you master the technique, boldly take dumbbells in your hands.

Advice experienced: a noticeable effect of the exercises you will achieve, if instead of pli perform the craving “sumo”, when instead of dumbbells you need to lift the bar from the floor. Disks should be large so you do not have to bend over. Movement down-up should be achieved due to flexion-extension of widely spaced legs.

Having become experienced, you can change your training system or arrange it as needed. The best signals of mistakes or successes will be their own feelings – here no one can accurately say what is best for a particular athlete, only he himself. Therefore, if there is no strength for the next workout, then you need to extend the rest time or reduce the number of classes per week.

Before the beginning of serious work in the gym, you should always conduct a warm-up, even if there is no special desire. The somatropinne reviews warming up of muscles before training for each athlete should be like “Our Father” for the church or a self-evident action. This process should occur before the beginning of the main part and should include the exercises that lead the joints, muscles and ligaments to increased alertness.

Exercises for warming up the muscles.

Usually these are exercises with their own weight, without weighting, mahi, circular movements in the joints, jogging, fast walking. You can also apply warm-up in motion, thus saving time and simultaneously preparing your body.