Anvarol Review

The process of the influence of tribestane on the organism, both men and women, has been studied. Its main function is to regulate the level of adrenal hormones. ItĀ anavar alternative has been proven by experience that when using tribe in bodybuilding, a significant increase in the quantitative ratio of the hormone aldosterone is observed in the body of the trainee. The selection of the above hormones in the bodybuilder’s body is due to the fact that the activation of anabolic processes occurs. There is also a noticeable general stimulating property of the drug.
The course of admission of tribe in bodybuilding is 8 weeks. Every day should eat three tablets. Dosage is calculated based on the total body weight. After completing the course, you must take a break for 2 weeks. After this, the 8-week course of admission of tribestane can be repeated.

When an athlete immediately consumes amino acids (split protein), the body no longer needs to spend energy on protein digestion and muscle growth becomes faster. Amino acids in bodybuilding are sold in liquid form and dry (tableted).

There are also interchangeable and irreplaceable. Irreplaceable come current with food in our body.
Our body does not synthesize them and they may not be enough. If there is not enough amino acid, then the process of cell structure (muscle growth) is broken. A replaceable organism can synthesize itself (some of the amino acids can be made by others). Using amino acids (sports nutrition), you accelerate the process of muscle growth. In bodybuilding, amino acids play a huge role, thanks to them, athletes quickly achieve their goal.
L-glutamine – this amino acid plays a big role in the structure of muscle cells, it directly participates in the synthesis of protein, it involves other components in the process of cell growth and has the property of depositing in the muscles.

Let me ask you a question: “what exercises do you use to train your triceps?”. Let me guess, it’s probably a French bench press, a bench press with a narrow grip and push-ups on the uneven bars, as far as isolation is concerned, it’s most likely the extension and press on the block, well, guess what? I think and the point is not that I’m a psychic and I read your thoughts from a distance, just the training arsenal of the majority of visitors to fitness halls contains a standard set of exercises. In order not to be conservatives, and also to replenish our technical arsenal with new tools, we will also consider extending the arms of the lying down with dumbbells.


To better master the material, all further narration will be broken down into subchapters.

Muscular atlas

Exercise refers to the class of insulating, i.e. there is movement only in one joint and the main work is performed by only one muscle group.

Muscle ensemble exercises include:

  • Targeting – the triceps brachialis muscle;
  • synergists – no;
  • stabilizers – front / rear deltas, large thoracic (clavicle, sternal heads), broadest back muscle, large round, ulnar flexor / extensor of wrist.
  • Full muscle atlas is such a picture.

Extension of hands lying with dumbbells muscles in work


Doing an extension of the arms of the lying down with dumbbells, you have the right to expect the following advantages:

development of the strength of the triceps arm muscle;
complete isolation of the triceps heads;
development (including) of the long triceps head and an increase in the results in the bench exercises;
a tightening of the muscles of the hands and getting rid of the “kissel” under them (actual for women);
increased stability of the shoulders and elbows;
separate (including only one-handed) performance of extensions with dumbbells and the possibility of getting rid of muscle asymmetry.

anavar alternative

Technique of execution

Despite the apparent simplicity, the exercise has its own characteristics. The step-by-step execution technique is as follows.

Step # 0.

Take a dumbbell couple, lie down on a horizontal bench, holding dumbbells in front of you. Your hands should be completely straightened and be at an angle of 90 degrees to the body and the floor. The palms with dumbbells look at each other (neutral grip / hammer), and the elbows are “tucked inside”. This is your starting position.

Step # 1.

Inhale and keeping your elbows immobile, bend your arms, lowering the dumbbells to the position next to the ears (stay in the bottom position for 1-2 counts). While keeping the elbows and shoulders stationary due to the force of the triceps, squeeze out the dumbbells anavar alternative, unbending the arms and returning the dumbbells to the starting position, exhaling the force. Repeat the specified number of times.


In addition to the classic version of the straightening of the arms lying with dumbbells, there are several variations of the exercise, in particular:

  • alternate extension of the lying prone grip;
  • sitting on a bench with a back;
  • sitting on the bench at an angle up;
  • lying on the bench at an angle down;
  • lying at the bottom block.

It increases anabolism and lowers catabolism. It is in the whey protein isolate that there is such an advantage – it can be used even for people who do not tolerate lactose, thanks to modern filtration methods, in contrast to concentrate.
For people engaged in outdoor sports (football, basketball, athletics and others), you need to use fast protein several times a day (1-3). When losing weight or during drying, it should be taken before training, after, and also in the morning, when our body is exhausted and it needs to replenish energy as soon as possible. The best time to take fast protein for muscle mass is right after training (for 15 minutes) and in the morning.