Testo-Max Review

Work with a lot of weight.

Muscles respond to training in different ways depending on the training program. When you do a lot of repetitions (more than 15), the endurance of the muscles increases, without the accompanying increase in their size and strength.
From 6 to 12 repetitions, the amount at which muscle growth occurs, it is used by bodybuilders, muscles and strength grow equally.
Powerlifters do a little repetition testo max in the approach 2 – 4 times, which gives them a good increase in strength.

The rule of muscle growth: the more you lift more weight, the more you put on the muscles, the better they grow.

Increase sodium intake.

Sodium is the main mineral that is needed for muscle growth. He has a bad reputation, because he has the ability to make a water retention in the body. Many pitching before the competition on the contrary want to get rid of excess water, to make the muscles dry, thereby giving them a relief. But on the other hand, sodium helps the body to accumulate glycogen and promotes the absorption of amino acids, and also increases the vulnerability of muscles to the action of insulin.

I honestly did not probyval such a technique, you sometimes need to experiment you helps something that others do not fit.
Muscles get used to a single rhythm of training, if dramatically change the system can and will and growth. It is clear that with such training, rest between approaches will be shorter than when working with a lot of weight. You need to make the training intensive so that there is an effect. Doctors say that when the effect of muscle pumping increases in volume by 20%, they even have scientific evidence, conducted an experiment. When you do a lot of repetition, there is pain in the muscles, because of the lactic acid that is being produced.

The arsenal of modern fitness includes three basic components that are not separable from each other:

• Aerobic training;
• Strength training;
• balanced diet.

Women from this list choose, as a rule, only aerobics and, perhaps, rational nutrition, completely forgetting about strength training. In Russia they are considered “male”, although in the United States, for example, strength training for women has long been a norm. Let’s review some of the myths about strength training for women.

Myth 1. Because of strength exercises, women become stocky and muscular.

This is not true. The potential of men is genetically such that they can build muscle mass tens of times faster and more than women. This is determined by the level of the hormone testosterone, which in women is much less. With the onset of puberty (11-15 years) in boys there is an intensive increase in muscle mass, in girls, on the contrary, it ends. Before the onset of puberty, the strength indicators for boys and girls are practically the same. And the indicators of muscular strength in women who do not engage in sports are 30-40% less than in “unsportsmanlike” men.

testo max

Strength exercises help women to become slimmer, because they burn fat mass and much less than men, affect the gain of muscle mass. As practice shows, women (even athletes) are never too muscular. If you think that you have one or another part of the body “pumped up,” then most likely it’s just too much fat. After 20-25 years, a woman who does not engage in any intense sport, loses an average of 200-300 grams of muscle mass per year, which is replaced by fat. By the age of fifty this figure has doubled. If your muscles do not work actively, they will atrophy. This translates into a reduction in daily burning to 400 calories, which leads to weight gain. Slow down this process is possible only with the help of strength exercises.

Myth 2. To build muscle, you need to do many repetitions, but with light weights.

Exercising with large weights, you increase muscle strength, burn fat and build muscle. If you only work with light scales, then in this case you can count only on burning fatty deposits. In general, if you want to lose weight first of all, it is desirable to supplement the power training with aerobic training, since the main goal of the strength training is to develop the muscular system.

In strength training, preference is given to basic force exercises. For example, squats with a bar are an excellent training of the gluteal muscles; accordingly, ladies who want to improve this important part of the body, in their training program should include squats with a bar. Bench press is the main exercise for training pectoral muscles. Therefore, if you are not satisfied with the shape of your breast, you do not need to forget about this exercise, etc.

Myth 3. It takes a long time to achieve any visible results.

As you know, strength exercises “change fat to muscle”. And because the muscles are heavier than fat, your weight is unlikely to soon be less. However, you will notice results in the form of reduced volumes and increased muscle tone after the second or third training. We add that women have 2-3 half-hour strength training per week.

Lactic acid is a waste testo max glycogen (muscle fuel), in other words – waste or slag as you find it easier to understand. There is one theory, it is not yet proven, there are opinions that lactic acid contributes to the production of testosterone and other hormones that are involved in muscle growth.

Principles of safe training in the gym:

  • Before the start of strength training, a warm-up should be performed.
  • Do the exercises correctly, so that the correct technique for their implementation is retained.
  • Appreciate your real possibilities (think with your head).
  • During the exercises it is very important to breathe correctly (You need to breathe in the air at the moment of lowering the weight and exhale during lifting).
  • All the time you should be concentrated on exercises, and not think about anything else.
  • First, train large muscle groups (legs, back, chest), and only then (biceps, triceps, and so on).