Best Supplements To Get Big Fast

Those who pump the press every day build muscle fast for 100 times or more, they burn all the fat from the abdomen, their muscles do not grow, but they get a small relief and that’s it.
It is better to first pump them to give them volume and shape, and then you can drive all the fat and give them a relief (polish them).

Eat protein foods that are needed for get big fast muscle growth. If you do press exercises without extra work, you simply will burn fat and get a light relief, and you need the volume and size of the muscles to look beautiful, you do not even need to strain your muscles so that they can be seen. After six months of such training, if you have a fat on your stomach, you can swing the press with normal exercises to drive it out, increasing the number of repetitions.

Separates the muscles of the trapezium from the deltas best supplements to get big fast. Focus on medium deltas + top and middle of trapeziums …
Take the barbell from above and stand straight. The wider the grip, the more load goes into the deltas, the narrower the trapezium. The starting position is straight back and slightly caved in at the waist ,, arms straight at the elbows, the neck comes to the thighs.

Strain the muscles of the neck and trapezium then spreading elbows pull rod vertically upwards (motion “lead” is elbows). The bar of the bar slides along the body from the hips to the chin. At the top, the elbows are above the shoulders. Then smoothly lower the rod to its original position. The pace of exercise is slow and without jerks.

The main rule: the elbows should always look to the sides and climb vertically, strictly in the plane of the torso. For this, you need a moderate weight on the rod, so you can control it.

Screws with a barbell

Basic exercise on the thickness of the muscles of the top of the trapezoid.

Place your feet shoulder-width apart and grasp the barbell from above. Hvat width of shoulders. Straighten (the chest is straightened, the back is bent, the arms are straightened and the bar is held, pull up the trapeze and pull the shoulders up, towards the ears.) Imagine that you just shrug your shoulders when you are asked about something.Your job is to lift your shoulders in a vertical plane as high as possible while keeping all other parts still, lifting your shoulders upwards for a couple of seconds in this position, then smoothly lower your shoulders to their original position.

best supplements to get big fast

The purpose of the exercise is the upper part of the muscles of the trapezoid, which responds well to the load and grows rapidly, especially up and wide, which visually manifests itself in the form of a powerful neck and a distinctly convex top of the back against the back of powerful shoulders. This greatly emphasizes the athleticity of the figure.
No rotational movements with shoulders and head while driving – this is fraught with injury.

Shagi with dumbbells for the muscles of the trapezoid

“Raises” the top and middle of the trapezoid. Shags with dumbbells (in comparison with the bar) allow much deeper work up the top of the trapezium.
Stand straight and take heavy dumbbells in both hands. They hang freely on their erect arms at the sides of the thighs. Put them forward a little and take your shoulders back.

Breathe in, and lift the shoulders as high as possible by straining the trapeze. Raise your shoulders strictly upwards, and do not bend your arms at the elbows. Raise them solely by the force of the trapezoid. Raising your shoulders as much as possible upwards, further tighten the trapeze for a couple of seconds. Gently lower your shoulders to the starting position.

The higher you lift the shoulders, the more the upper muscles of the trapezium contract and the muscles that lift the scapula, which will lead to a set of muscle mass. Use heavy weights, but do not sacrifice amplitude. Do not rotate your shoulders and do not lift them diagonally.

What muscles are trained by pulling on the bar?

During the performance of this movement, all the basic muscles of your back are trained. First of all, those same “wings” that give a V-shaped silhouette to the male body. Especially these muscles stand out when viewed from behind. These are the WIDEST back muscles that lie on the surface and are the largest among all the muscles of the back.

Pull-ups are multi-articular (basic exercise) because TWO joints are involved in the performance of this movement:

  • LONG-TERM (your biceps flexes the arm at the elbow)
  • SHOOTING (your hand moves relative to the body)

This means that to perform this work your body needs to include a lot of muscles, and not one, like, for example, in lifting the bar to the biceps.

Here are the main muscles on the development of which are directed to pull-ups:

    • The widest back muscles best supplements to get big fast (wings)

For the forearm:

Flexion of the wrist with dumbbells 4 sets of 25-40 repetitions

For legs :

  • Squats with a barbell 3 sets of 10/8/6 repetitions
  • Straightening legs in the simulator 3 sets of 12/10/8 repetitions
  • Press the legs in the simulator 3 sets build muscle fast of 10/8/6 repetitions
  • Back get big fast bending of the legs lying in the simulator 4 sets of 12/10/8/8 repetitions
  • Caviar – Lifting on the fingers 4 sets of 15-25 repetitions

First, the working weights must be such that you can make a maximum of 10 repetitions in one approach. The break between the approaches should be more than during training, for example, on pumping and can be up to five minutes, the optimal option will get big fast be 3-4 minutes. Exercises for the trained muscle group should be no more than three to 4, a maximum of 5 approaches per exercise. More number of exercises and approaches in the exercise for one muscle group will be justified only in the case of the use of “chemistry”. And on dry, your body simply can not recover after really heavy loads and you build muscle fast will have to get acquainted with the state of overtraining.