The Best Male Physiques From 2015

As already mentioned, the muscles disappear for several reasons and they are all different from each other, for them there is no general solution. It is necessary to solve everything gradually.
The muscles disappear also because they are not trained. If you do not practice for a long time, whatever training the athlete has had, there will still come dream bodies best physiques a time when the muscles begin to decrease in size and weight. This is due to the fact that the body has completely recovered from the stresses that he regularly received during training, is used to rest and no longer needs such a volume of muscle fibers. In order to save own resources, the body regulates for itself the best male physiques optimal mass ratio (for its supply with nutrients, oxygen with blood). He no longer needs strong and hardy muscles.

Supercompensation is a small plus that the body takes in case of repeated stress.

The efficiency of recovery is affected by three factors:

  • Training: you need to constantly progress the load for the growth of muscle mass.
  • Food: you need to eat and eat the dream bodies right food (carbohydrates and proteins).
  • Sleep: sleep at maximum, in a state best physiques of sleep, recovery processes are more effective, not for nothing that children are forced to sleep a lot – they grow after all.

Lifting the body to the knees lying


Exercise can be performed both in the hall and at home, lying on the floor, legs can be wound up for any emphasis or protrusion, and if you are working alone with a partner – ask him to hold your feet. In addition, the legs can simply be put on the floor, or put on a bench.


Place a mat on the floor, lie on it, put your feet on the floor or on a bench, so that the angle in the knee joints is straight. Hands can be crossed on the chest or wound behind the head, the eyes can be focused upward. This is your starting position.
Now inhale, strain the abdominal muscles, and in one motion tear off the body from the floor, as if trying to touch the knees with the forehead.

At the upper point, stay, feel the increasing tension of the muscles of the press, try to reduce them even more, to the maximum, then exhale and smoothly dive back to the starting position.
If you want to achieve the best possible result, do not relax the press and at the lowest point, just try not to touch the floor with blades. The load on the press in this case will be maximum. To further increase the load, pick up additional weights, a “pancake” from the bar or a dumbbell. Of course, this makes sense, if the usual implementation was too easy for you.


Do not pull your neck to your knees, it can negatively affect the vertebrae of the cervical region. Do not rotate the shoulders in either direction, otherwise the intervertebral discs may suffer, which will lead to pain, decreased mobility, and other unpleasant “joys”

Perform the exercise 20 times in 4-5 sets. And remember – the main goal here is not to set the mass, or even to give relief, but to maintain a good muscle tone, which serves as a defense against injuries when squats, tractions and other heavy exercises.

best male physiques

This is the most powerful and, perhaps, the most effective exercise for the press of all presented, exercise number one. The muscles of the abdominal press are treated completely, with all kinds of loads, in addition, by changing the angle of the pelvic bending, you can also work out oblique abdominal muscles. Unfortunately, not many do it, primarily because of the weakness of the grip, when it does not work for a long time to stay on the crossbar – fingers become tired faster than the press, and the laziness inherent in every living person. However, the first problem can be solved using the wrist straps, and the second – by stimulating oneself, for example, the beginning of the beach season.

Technique of execution

Jump and take hold of the crossbar. If you can not get to it, use a small bench or stand. Most importantly, to hang on your straightened legs and arms, you did not reach the floor. In the event that you have a very weak grip, use special straps.
Legs and arms are fully straightened. The back is slightly bent in the lower back.
Inhale. Stop breathing, pull your legs back slightly and tighten them as high as possible with a strong movement.
Try to keep your legs straight best male physiques (but not motionless at the knees). If you have a pumped hamstrings, you can slightly bend the legs, but at the same time strengthen the angle in the knees until the end of the exercise.
Raise your hips above the waist level! From above, further tighten the press and try to hold in this position for a few seconds.
Slowly lower your legs, stop for a few moments and perform the following repetition.
Those who find it difficult to perform an exercise with straight (slightly bent) legs are allowed to bend them more. The main thing at the same time – do not change the angle in the knees until the end of the lifting of the legs in the vise!


Have you ever seen a documentary about astronauts who return from space, they ate moving on the ground, there is no gravity in the spacecraft. The astronauts do not go there, but they do not know whether they are moving properly in the ship, there is very little space in the vehicle, they hardly move. They have simulators on which they train so that the muscles do not completely atrophy.
The second example. Someone best physiques from you broke a hand or a leg, remember you put a plaster, for 1 month you did not move the limb, when in a month you took a plaster, your muscles were so atrophied that you could not bend your arm or leg. Here is an example of muscle atrophy, but after 2 – 3 months your arm or leg recovered and you could walk, run, or dream bodies do it with your hand.