Common Mistakes People Make When Taking Cutting Supplements

And now it is worth considering the negative side:

Sadly, but if you constantly fat burning drink beer, men begin to turn into women. Starting from the appearance, ending with the character and perception of the surrounding world. Yes, and women should not get carried away, who need extra hormones and calories
During the use of this alcoholic drink the person cutting mistakes calms down, but as soon as it ends – there is aggression
Beer can negatively affect the potency
It is addictive as a drug
Possible development of pancreatitis, neuropathy, gastritis muscle cutting supplements
When a person drinks about half a liter of beer, he does not get well, but simply adds 200-250 calories to the daily allowance, plus he eats a pack of crackers, chips and other snacks.

Inclined rod press up head down.

This is the first exercise that will allow you to pump your huge pectoral muscles, provided that the balance progresses regularly.

The first thing you have to do is to choose the optimal bend of the bench – 30 degrees. Do less, the bench will turn into a horizontal (only the bottom – the imbalance of the pectorals) will be trained, make more than 30 degrees, the bench will turn into an exercise for deltas. Often, the inventory manufacturers produce very uncomfortable benches with a fixed slope of 45 degrees. This is “feces”, which does not suit us. In such a situation, take an ordinary horizontal bench and put under it (near the head) a few pancakes, in order to get 20-30 degrees. This is what you need.

Breast training The second thing we need to do is to choose the optimal width of the grip. Hvat needs a little already average. Because such a “narrow” grip will give us a large amplitude of the exercise, which means a lot of work and more stress for the muscles on the one hand. A small upward tilt (20-30 degrees) will enable us to partially turn off the triceps (which would be difficult with a narrow grip on the horizontal bench), on the other hand. In the end, we get a basic exercise with a strong emphasis on the right muscle as an isolating exercise.

The third thing that we must do is work “inside the amplitude”, i.e. Do not touch the barbell barbell at the bottom point and do not straighten to the end of the hand at the top point. What for? At the lowest point, this gives us a constant chest tension, and at the upper point we turn off the triceps even more because do not unbend to the extremity or end an elbow joint. The result: the concentration of the load in the pectorals throughout the entire amplitude.

muscle cutting supplements

The fourth, which will further complicate the exercise (concentrate the load on the pectoral ones), this is the lifting of the legs. Many saw how the powerlifters harnessed – arched with an arch with an emphasis on the floor. Many security officials by the way say so: I press the bar from my feet. This is done in order to “help” breast other muscle groups – triceps, back and even legs. Accordingly, a huge amount of load goes with this bench press from the chest to other muscle groups. Our task is not to help the nurses, but rather “complicate their lives,” so when you learn the right technique, you can try to raise your legs on the bench.

Reaching the legs KILLS THE BRIDGE and PUSHES the SPIN to the bench.

Those. you are deprived of the possibility of cheating and the entire load rises only by the pectoral muscles. This technique is very advanced and complicated because of the balance (which can easily be lost in the absence of experience), so do not rush to use this method immediately.

BREATH: everything as usual. Exhale with effort. We gain air when we smoothly lower the bar and exhale it sharply when we push the bar up.

POSITION OF THE LOTS: in classical theory, the closer the elbows to the ears, the more the breast works, the closer the elbows to the body during the press, the more triceps work. In the beginning and adhere to this rule while working on the chest (elbows to the sides).

Later you will understand that in the press upwards, the elbows can be kept close enough to the body. this does not interfere with the quality work of the breast because the upward slope relieves the load from the triceps. In addition, the position of the elbows during muscle cutting supplements exercise on the chest very seriously affects the emphasis of training different parts of the nursing. But I’ll talk about this later.

NUMBER OF REPETITIONS: I recommend in bench presses lying to do 6-12 repetitions. Moreover, newcomers in the first month can do even more (up to 20-30 repetitions) in order to learn the correct technique (brain-muscle connection) when working with small scales.


Perhaps the first few years, other bench presses for the chest do not, because they will not give you such an effect as the bar press up their heads.

If you are not so sure of changing something, then change the width of the grip (try narrow or wider), but not the inclination of the bench. Because that does not make sense. Having made a negative slope you will bomb the bottom of the breasts (which always grows well in contrast to the top) and triceps. Making too “steep” a positive slope, you remove some of the load from the chest and recruit deltas. Do you need it for breast training?

Today I want to tell you fat burning about the impact of stress on the muscles. You probably already heard about stress. What is Stress? Stress is a great loss of energy. Stress is harmful to the body, because of it the body begins to burn calories, vitamins, minerals. People who are very often exposed to stress have health problems. Many get gray hair, some have stomach problems (ulcers) in some problems with the heart (arrhythmia and other diseases).
In everything, stress is to blame, people start to suffer greatly because of this and get health problems, their metabolism is disturbed.

When he could not lift the bar last time. She cutting mistakes told the guys that they took the bar, and then the same mistake happened. One guy took and for his part quickly raised the bar, and the other has not yet had time to pick up. Because of this, the load unevenly went to one hand of the athlete at this very moment and there was a rupture of the pectoral muscle.

Stupid trauma is it true?

Yes, it’s even more stupid that he did not go to the hospital, but went over with a trauma. He did not have a complete breakage, but had a large chest muscle tear. Because of what now the breast looks completely different than before fat burning the injury and is different from the other breast. Now he can not lift large weights in the hall. Raises 50-60 kg if more tries to feel pain in a traumatized place, although it has already passed 2 or 3 years.
So, that guys be careful, always do warm-up before training (5 -10 minutes). Wear a safety belt, ask experienced athletes, but not newcomers! That cutting mistakes you were insured when working with a bar with a lot of weight.