DBol-GH Review

Increase the number of calories in three days.

You will never achieve a positive nitrogen balance on a low-calorie diet. To build muscle mass and make muscles grow, you need to eat: carbohydrates, proteins and fats.
Increase the consumption of calories by 50% (for example, if you now eat 3000 calories a day, then now you need to eat 4500) for three days to make a hormonal push for growth, you do not have time to grow fat in such a short time.

Thanks to this, you can include muscle growth, the body will start to produce more insulin. After three days of such a diet, go back to normal nutrition (3000 calories).

Recreation. Without it, too, in order for growth to occur, the muscles also need rest and it’s during this time that they grow, so do not forget that after training you need a full rest for 1 or 2 days so that the body can recover.
The state of your nervous system, you do not have to be constantly nervous, worried, worried, depressed) These are all stresses that negatively affect your nervous system and the body starts to produce a large amount of the hormone cortisol that breaks your muscles into amino acids and you lose the dialed Kilograms, noticed how from passing the exams or even some problems you start to lose weight quickly.
Water and vitamins. Drink a sufficient amount of water per day (2-3 liters), it is necessary for the assimilation of food and various chemical processes that are involved in the growth of muscles. Vitamins are also needed for this, they also accelerate the processes of recovery of your body.

What to eat before training?

Food before exercise should be taken 60 to 90 minutes before the start of exercise to give the body enough time to digest food. At this time, you can replenish your supplies with a protein drink and take a second dose of glutamine and two grams of BCAA. Shortly before training, take 5 grams of creatine with water. Creatine serves as an energetic, and also helps (accelerates) the growth of cell sizes. It is best to take it to an empty stomach. The ideal time for taking creatine is half the time between pre-training meals and training.
Eating after exercise. Regardless of when you train, it is very important for the body and muscles. Fast carbohydrates are exactly what the body needs after training, this is the only time that your body needs, they have the ability to be absorbed instantly by the body and make the process of restoring strength to prevent the process of catabolism.