Best Legal Steroids For Bulking And Cutting

Athletes who are engaged in bodybuilding for more than one year – they know that for the laying of “muscle bricks” you need a quality source of protein, and carbohydrates – to restore muscle fibers. Muscle growth is impossible without the necessary supplies of protein and carbohydrate in the body, so it is so necessary to take sports nutrition for weight gain. If you have extra money, it will be the right decision – to buy protein for mass gain. Sports nutrition is fine, but do not forget about nutrition.It is on the full nutrition should be accent, and only then on sports supplements.

Products for weight gain, which should be in the diet of each bodybuilder: complex carbohydrates (pasta, rice, buckwheat, potatoes), fiber (the whole range of greens), fruits and vegetables, dairy products (cottage cheese, milk), meat (pork, beef, The main┬álegal cutting steroids emphasis on chicken), fish, eggs and unsaturated fats. Do not forget that you should avoid foods that can harm your health and add a ratio of fat in your body, namely – a variety of sweets. In case you are an avid lover of sweet – all efforts in the gym will be in vain.

Wrong training program.

Problems with weight gain You need to make up, or rather, to get you someone (the one who understands this) the training program. The program should have basic exercises, forget about isolating exercises and swings of biceps, triceps. Set it aside, it’s for later! The basic basic exercises are squatting with a barbell, bench press and deadlift. With these exercises you can gain weight!

Deep squats with a barbell on the shoulders – The most effective exercise of bodybuilding and exercise number one for beautiful decorated buttocks.

It is the deep squats, so that the calves are imprinted in the hamstrings, and you almost sit on your own heels. The starting position – the legs are slightly wider than the shoulders, the feet are slightly turned outwards, the back should be straightened, the head is raised, the torso is strained. Squat as deep as you can, not just to the parallel with the floor. Do not use “bounce” up from the bottom position. Do not force the growth of burdens in this exercise until you “put” the right technique.
It is not always possible to squat deeply with the right technique. It is best to take an empty vulture, the squat with which it does not pose a problem for you, and ask someone to assess the depth of squatting from the side with a different setting of the legs.


This exercise for the buttocks and biceps hips is just a bomb. The main thing is not to chase after a lot of weight, but from the very beginning to put the correct technique of doing the exercise. Try to do this exercise at a very slow pace, delaying the negative phase. Especially in the stretched (bottom) position. So, the technique:

In the starting position, you stand straight, holding the neck in lowered hands. The shoulders are laid back, the chest is raised high, the spine in the lumbar region is bent. Movement begins with the fact that you slowly feed the pelvis back, keeping the deflection in the lower back. Go down until the pelvis moves back. If you fall even lower, the hamstrings will turn off from work and the effort will go only at the expense of the spine. Personally, I lower the bar only to the middle of the shins. This is enough for me. Move upwards – by feeding the pelvis forward. Without the feet, unlike the usual deadlift, you can only work with much less weight.

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Variable Declines

This exercise for the buttocks purposefully bombs this muscle group. It intensely affects this part of the body. Be careful with its use. After all, everything is good only up to a certain limit.
There are different versions of attacks. Basic – three: depending on where you put your foot forward, back or side. With a step forward – the most classic option.


Make one foot forward and bend it in the knee until the thigh of this leg is parallel to the floor. The knee of the other leg should fall to the touch of the floor. Keep your torso straight and tense, do not lean forward. Do the planned number of repetitions for one leg and only then proceed to the attacks on the other leg.
When making an attack, the knee of the “working” leg needs to be bent exactly at a right angle. Then the other knee safely “hangs” over the floor without touching it. But if you go lower, the other knee will inevitably “kiss” with the floor, which with repeated repetitions in a couple of years can lead to knee injuries.

Strong, trained buttocks – this is what women pay attention to when they evaluate a man as a sexual partner.

Ectomorph is a man of lean physique, thin bones, narrow shoulders, lack of muscle mass. The metabolism of this type of physique is very fast, so it will not be easy for him to gain muscle mass. Such people, as a rule, re-read already many tips for building muscle mass ukbeststeroids, but we will give the main and effective ones. 1.This type of physique, you need to legal cutting steroids significantly increase the level of caloric value, but this does not mean that you need to consume in food all in a row. It is necessary to increase the intake of carbohydrates, for example 5-6 grams of carbohydrates per kilogram of own weight. The protein can be kept in the same standard proportion of 2 grams per kilogram of its own weight. Just get good geyners, only where the base is complex carbohydrates, and not a huge amount of unnecessary sugar.