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An unprepared organism rarely copes with such a load and soon simply becomes exhausted, passes into a state of overtraining. It is worth paying close attention to the technique of performing exercises, especially if you are a beginner in this matter, otherwise you can seriously damage the spine and other vital organs. As mentioned above, this is not the only principle of weight training.

The next stage will be the change in power. Using the method of accurate counting, find out how many calories are consumed per day. The final value should be increased by 10-20 percent. It will be necessary to work not only on the quantitative component of the diet, but also on its quality. It is necessary to limit the daily intake of fat to 80-100 grams and increase the intake of protein and carbohydrates.

Cardio when typing mass, you can still do it. But as you can see, under certain conditions.
It should be noted that the races should be held at maximum effort. In the end, you just have to turn inside out. But do not forget about the rest. If rest is put on the back burner, there is a risk that the muscles will still burn. In this case, there will not be a proper best hgh pills on the market result.

So, if you are ready for such an exercise, then you are the person who can do cardio when typing.
Cardio workouts are useful for the heart, they strengthen the cardiovascular system, even the professionals bodybuilders use them!

Muscles of lower leg

Muscles of the leg, consist of two muscles – the gastrocnemius muscle, which is superficially located, and the soleus muscle hidden under the calf muscle. The gastrocnemius muscle belongs to the two-joint muscles, it passes through the two joints – the knee and ankle, while the soleus muscle is single-joint – it passes only through the ankle joint.

The gastrocnemius muscle, (m.gastroscnemius), has two heads: medial and lateral, the surface layers of which are represented by strong tendon bundles.

The soleus muscle, (m.soleus), thick, flat, lies “below” under the gastrocnemius muscle. Primary function: tibia – flexes the foot (plantar flexion)
The biggest problem for beginners in bodybuilding is undeveloped legs. Few people ask the question: “how to pump your feet?”. Most begin to begin training with the “beach” parts of the body – chest, press and hands.

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Standing on standing socks is a more basic exercise for calves (calves) than lifting on socks while sitting at the same time working the calf and soleus muscles. Therefore, in the ascent to the standing socks you can use much more weight than sitting.
To perform this exercise, the calf ideally requires a special simulator. However, you can do it at home using dumbbells.

The legs should be slightly bent for convenience and safety.
Depending on the genetic location of the calves (high or low), the most effective is a different amplitude. The highest point of climb is most useful for those with high calves and a stretched position at the lowest point, for those with “low” calves
Therefore, if you sacrifice some of the amplitude for the sake of extra weight, see to choose the right part of the amplitude, which is more likely to cause weight growth just for you.


Method of performing the exercise for calves. Execute the exercise you can, loading on the bent at right angles knees weight … Usually use a special simulator. It allows you to load soleus muscle extremely, due to the ability to load a lot of weight and safety performance.

Before lifting the load, you need to lower the stops as low as possible to start the movement from the stretched position.


• Experiment with the position of socks and feet.
• Preheat caviar before hard work
• Try to do the exercise in full amplitude.
• Hold at the top for 1-2 seconds.
• Stretch the calves between the approaches.
• Do at least 10 repetitions per set
• Train the calves after heavy squats.

You need to train your legs.

It is necessary to train your legs CAUTION (so as not to damage the joints). Those. follow the correct technique and do a very high-quality workout.

You need to train legs unequivocally (Quadriceps + Hamstrings + Tibia)

To train legs raising weights only need up to a certain threshold (150-180 kg), and therefore increase the load by SPECIAL RECEPTIONS (pre-fatigue, droppings, supersets, etc.)

Training BIKEPS and QUADRICEPS hips can be SUPERSETS. these are classic antagonists.

But if you swing by best hgh pills on the market mass, you have to do a little! You do not need to burn extra calories, because it is due to excess calories and weight gain occurs!
Good luck with the mass collection and be careful, a lot is not always good! Ideal will be jogging on the treadmill, to warm up the muscles.

What is a mass gainer?

Correctly taking a gainer, combining it with regular physical activity, there is a real opportunity to gain up to 7 kilograms of weight. It is worth noting that with improper nutrition and not the correct program of training, there is a risk of “swim” with fat, which then will be problematic to get rid of. If this happens, you should use creatine. Remarkably, creatine for weight gain can be used, and maybe for weight loss. It all depends on the regime.